Guinea pigs breeding station FruFru

Welcome to this site of a registered breeding station of Guinea pigs FruFru. We breed lunkarya, peruvian, and american piggies.

They live in a flat with us and are used to the noises of home, children and human hands. Piggies come from us with a starter food pack and pedigree in 4 weeks first and weighing 250 g at least. As Guinea pigs are very social, we suggest you buy two boars or sows, unless you have another cavy friend for him at home.

We are from Prague, but it is possible to bring the pet to České Budějovice or to send it by a pet transporter.

Piggies available

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for current and coming litters. You can find the latest news on our Facebook page :-)

A1 and B1 litters

Amaryllis (born 5th May) - golden agouti with red, 2FO, reserved
Bubáček, (born 12th May) sheltie boy, pigmented cream - available
Bublinka, (born 12th May) sheltie girl, silver agouti with white

The litters Y, Z, and Ž

10th, 11th, and 13th March 2023, the litters Y, Z, and Ž were born.  From the left:
Zed, lunkarya, new home
Yennefer, lunkarya/peruvian, stays with us
Zip, lunkarya, new home
Yetti, lunkarya/peruvian, new home
Yolo, lunkarya/peruvian, new home
Žužu, lunkarya/peruvian, stays with us

The litter V

4th February 2023, the litter V of skinnies was born, 1/2. All of them will be available. From the left:
Violka FruFru - new home
Vočko FruFru - new home
Vuvuzela FruFru - new home

24th February 2023, the litter X was born, 4/0 - americans a US teddies (Dd - of lavender)
Xados FruFru - slate, US teddy - available
Xyzal FruFru - slate, american - available
Xanax FruFru - slate, US teddy - new home
Xoxo FruFru - slate, american, rather smaller - new home
17th February 2023, the blue litter W was born (americans, 3/1).
Wiki FruFru - blue girl - new home
Wifi FruFru - blue boy,  new home 
Webík FruFru - lavender boy, stays at home
Wow FruFru - blue - amber boy, stays at home
4th February 2023, the litter V of skinnies was born, 1/2, Vočko, Violka, Vuvuzela. All at new homes.

24th January 2023, the litter U was born. There is one boy (lunkarya/peruvian), 3 girls (one is peruvian). The parents are Showmaker Foxie (NL), red peruvian, and Lionel Peruvian Gold
Umbaba FruFru - red peruvian - in new home
Umbra FruFru - red lunkarya/peruvian - in new home
Ursa FruFru - red lunkarya/peruvian - in new home
Uroboros FruFru - red lunkarya/peruvian - in new home

Foxie with the babies

The litter U, 1/3.